23 06, 2017

Make the Most Out of Minimal Space

With market prices soaring and land becoming scarce, more people than ever are choosing to utilise their available space by adding a granny flat to their property. Versatile and adaptable, granny flats can be used as a home office, living space, guesthouse, studio and even a source of additional income. Maximise the space within your

16 06, 2017

5 Uses for Contemporary Granny Flats

Do you have extra space on your property? Transform unused land into a versatile and rewarding contemporary granny flat. Contemporary granny flats have a multitude of uses, from home offices and guesthouses to rental properties and retreats. As a versatile and convertible space, you can repurpose your granny flat as required. Earn extra income, set

10 06, 2017

Build Your Own Granny Flat Online

The popularity of granny flats, or ‘second dwellings’, has exploded in Perth of late, and here at Extra Living WA we have never been busier. We are one of Perth’s leading granny flat builders, and now the team is very proud to launch an innovative new online service that will make the process even easier

3 06, 2017

How to Optimise Your Granny Flat

These days, granny flats are a popular, affordable option for many people. There’s an enormous range on the market and plenty of options too, such as various styles and designs of granny flat, and how it can be customised to be just right for you and your family. Also known as a secondary dwelling, granny

19 04, 2017

Granny Flat or Home Extension?

Whether your plan is to keep the family close by, increase the value of your property or maximise your income capacity, utilising your land to its fullest potential is a fantastic solution. There are two main choices currently on the marketplace, which are to either build a free-standing granny flat, or to build an extension

19 04, 2017

The Granny Flat Building Checklist

Whether you are a young home owner looking to generate some extra income, or a high-flying property investor, choosing to build a granny flat is an ideal way to get the most out of your block of land. As Australia’s population grows and the housing market flat-lines, using available land space to its maximum potential

12 04, 2017

Why we Choose Fisher & Paykel

Extra Living WA believe in building high quality custom granny flats, down to the last little detail. This is why we’re committed to using Fisher & Paykel appliances! The appliances produced by Fisher & Paykel have no peer, which is why Extra Living WA have been using them for many years as part of the

13 10, 2016

Extra Living WA Display Homes

It’s no secret that granny flats have become an incredibly popular way for homeowners (or those hoping to buy their first home!) to invest on a budget, and buy a home that takes advantage of space while remaining affordable and high quality. At Extra Living WA, we strive to design and build the most unique,

6 10, 2016

Granny Flat VS Council: What You Need to Know

In 2013, everything changed for the better when it came to building granny flats alongside Perth residential properties. New laws passed by the government allowed for granny flats to built on all residential properties, and meant that homeowners could rent out their ancillary properties to people other than their own family. Council regulations regarding granny

31 08, 2016

The Handover

There’s no greater feeling than handing over a completed project to a happy customer! The recent construction of this stunning 2 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom Granny Flat has combined the compact and multi-functional floorplans that we have in-house, with the client’s own creative flare and selections. This 70 square meter design fully utilises